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ELA Homework Policy

Homework will not be a daily occurrence, but when it is sent home, it is expected to be completed. Every student will start each 9 weeks with 50 homework points in the grade book; each time they miss an assignment, 2.5 points will be deducted from that grade.


Each student is permitted ONE “freebie” per 9 weeksI understand that sometimes work cannot be completed. This does not mean that each child gets to choose one homework assignment that they don’t want to do. This “freebie” is for students that have proven to be hard workers, but are simply unable to complete an assignment. (All 4 “freebies” should not have to be used.) These points will be applied at the end of the grading period.


This homework policy is intended to REWARD hard workers! Every child is given 50 free points! Please encourage your child to work hard to keep these points!